About Payment Consulting Inc

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Payment Consulting Inc handles all facets of payment processing.

I personally have spent countless hours interviewing companies that want your business and mine. I feel I have identified the best companies for each facet of the industry. When you contact me I truly consult with you to determine your best options for now and in the future.

My goal is to save you money, and give you unparalleled customer service, so that you remain my client for the life of your business. We are available 24/7, and I myself am in the office before 6:00 AM and usually work until 9:00 PM or later, but I truly love what I do. I can save my clients money, help them get advance funding and take their burden when they have a problem.

I work with many sports franchises, eCommerce companies, ticketbrokers, MOTO businesses, and standard retail type merchant and restaurants. I have consulted with and solved problems for trained technicians involving non or underperforming terminals, computer software and internet gateway issues. I have assisted merchants with single transactions over $100,000.00. Try THAT with you current processor.