Advanced Funding For Credit Card Sales


We have identified the lowest rates in our industry. Our source charges less than 1/3 of the standard rate.

When I first read about this arena I was attracted by the fact that merchants could access tens of thousands of dollars by utilizing loan companies prepared to offer instant funding to credit card acceptors. However when I saw the rates that were being charged I vowed to never present this to any of my clients. However I did eventually read about one firm that seemed very honest and whose rates were less than 1/3 of the other loan companies.

Then one of my merchants contacted me because he had been approached by one of the typical high usury firms. After I determined that he had exhausted all of his bank lines I agreed to put him through the firm I had found. Everything went smoothly and now I don't hesitate to accept applications for this company if the situation warrants it.

As always if you have a need, contact me.